Our premier catamaran, StarChaser, a 2007 Robertson and Caine, Leopard 43, was designed by Simonis-Voogd​ for comfort combined with safety. 

Welcome to our privately owned catamaran!  StarChaser is a Leopard 43, a name well established in worldwide cruising circles. She is an All-Ocean Class sailing vessel capable of circumnavigating the world, however she will also transport you effortlessly as you Island-hop the beautiful Caribbean on the vacation of a lifetime!  After sailing the BVI's and St. Martin, she is now based in beautiful Grenada.   The Leopard 43 draws four feet, three inches in her deep hulls and has demonstrated blue-water capabilities.   She has two dining areas,  twin bow pulpits, swim platform on the transoms, spacious trampolines perfect for relaxing under the stars after a day of cruising.


As private owners we pride ourselves on keeping StarChaser in top condition. We never skimp on maintenance or repairs. Unfortunately we cannot say the same for all of the Tier-1 Charter companies who are more focused on profit than maintenance, and who often switch components between brand new boats and old boats. We know of too many horror stories where customers have chartered what is supposedly a brand new (1-2 year old) boat only to find that some of the components are old and broken.  That will never happen when you charter StarChaser!


While StarChaser is our private catamaran, in Grenada local charter management and services are provided by Horizon Yacht Charters Grenada.  We interviewed and inspected 5 separate companies and locations before basing StarChaser in Grenada.  Horizon Grenada has the best staff, the best service, the best operations management, and the best Sailing(!) to ensure you have your best charter vacation ever!  You will also love True Blue Bay Resort where the base is located. Please contact us directly (see contact page) and we will ensure your satisfaction while vacationing on our beautiful StarChaser.

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